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5th Grade Events

Sock Hop Dance - TBD

  • Dance will be TBD

  • Float station and activities will be upstairs, then students go down for the dance

  • Downstairs will have an ice cream float station with chocolate/vanilla ice cream cups; Coke, Dr. Pepper, and Root Beer sodas; whipped cream; sprinkles; and cherries

  • Roxi will send a sign-up to all parents to set-up, volunteer during the event, and clean up after event


Kickball Game - TBD

  • Will be held on SHE field TBD

  • All classrooms wear their class shirt

  • A sign-up for food and drinks will go out. Cookies, treats, juice and water?

  • Parents are encouraged to play the game with students. Possible kids vs. parents game?


EOY ceremony​ - TBD

  • Ceremony will be held in gym

  • Doors open at TBD, ceremony starts at TBD

  • After ceremony, classes go upstairs for presentations and videos

  • End with 5th grade walk out. Parents line the sidewalk leading to playground

  • Sign-up will go out for set-up AND tear down to 5th and 4th grade parents

  • No food during this event


***This year all 5th Grade HRP’s will be asked to produce a classroom slideshow of their students.  Each HRP will need to collect photos from parents to produce a slide show to be shown at the end of the year party. 


Award ceremonies are held at the end of each year in individual classrooms. The fifth grade award ceremony will be held in the gym. Ceremony date is TBD.  Students will be recognized for achievement in a variety of areas, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Kindergarten students are awarded a “Certificate of Completion” at the end of their kindergarten year.

  • Perfect Attendance is given to all K-5th grade students who have been in attendance every designated student school day.

  • Presidential Excellence and Achievement Awards are presented to fifth grade students.


Food Exemption Days

 Due to the Texas Public School Nutrition policy, we are able to serve one healthy snack no sooner than 30 minutes after breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch, or 30 minutes after lunch. We have six exemption days for this rule. The dates selected are as follows:

Halloween, October 29

Holiday party, December 15

100th day of school, February 4

Valentine’s Day, February 14

STEM Day March 11

End of school celebration May 26

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