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Door Decorating

A fun way to add some spirit to our school is by decorating the doors of your classroom a few times a year.  Reminders to get this done will be sent a few weeks in advance but here is a tentative schedule for this.


  1. Mid-September - Fall Décor/Football theme

  2. Early February – Valentine’s Décor/Kinder Doors Dr. Seuss

  3. After Spring Break – Spring/Summer Decor

State / District Rules for Door Decorating

  • Can decorate anytime throughout the year for the various occasions

  • Ask other room parents to help out

  • Choose any theme you like. Doors that include the students faces are always the best hit

  • No lights or plug-in decor allowed

  • Nothing allowed to hang from the ceiling

  • Decorations cannot cover up the window on the door. That is a safety violation per district rules. Any décor placed over the window inside the door will be removed

  • Occasions for decorating usually include, but aren’t limited to, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Valentines, Spring and Summer

  • In the winter, avoid denominational phrases such as Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. Stick with Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Winter Wonderland, etc.

  • Door decorations must stay within the alcove of the door.


Possible List of Items Needed for Donation​

Wrapping Paper


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