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Classroom Parties

Homeroom Parents will assist teachers by sending home requests for parent donations for party items only.  Most of the parties will require donations in the form of food items, craft items, and/or paper goods.  Please use Konstella to create class sign ups.​

The following dates/times have been set by the school administration for parties this school year...

Winter Holiday Party – December 15th

Valentine’s Day Party – February 14th

End of Year Party – May 26th

  • Communicate with your teacher about party plans about 1 month before the party date and verify the party supplies needed.  Also, please confirm the date and time with your teacher as sometimes this will get adjusted as the year goes on.  Some parties will be coordinated as a team, so be prepared to work with parents from other classrooms if necessary.  Typical parties include children moving throughout the room to various stations on their own, playing games and having light refreshments.


  • Coordinate each party for your class by contacting parents and requesting volunteers to assist in various ways – assisting with the party, providing requested supplies, snacks, etc., and/or helping children with hands-on activities.  Use the signup feature in Konstella to create a digital list of items to be donated.


  • Please give all parents an opportunity to participate and contribute.  Also, please remember to offer various options for parents to choose what they want to donate or how they want to assist.


***Please be advised of the new District guidelines for food brought to school for classroom parties.

“Food brought into the classroom must be store-bought or purchased from LTISD Food & Nutrition Services.  Other than fruits and vegetables, food must be delivered to the classroom in the original packaging.”

General Supply List (24 Count/item)


Paper Plates

Forks / Spoons

Plastic Tablecloths

Mini Waters

Possible List of Items Needed for Donation​

Snacks for events/parties

General Party List items (above)


Award ceremonies are held at the end of each year in individual classrooms. The fifth grade award ceremony will be held in the gym. Ceremony date is (TBD). Students will be recognized for achievement in a variety of areas, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Kindergarten students are awarded a “Certificate of Completion” at the end of their kindergarten year.

  • Perfect Attendance is given to all K-5th grade students who have been in attendance every designated student school day.

  • Presidential Excellence and Achievement Awards are presented to fifth grade students.


Food Exemption Days

Due to the Texas Public School Nutrition policy, we are able to serve one healthy snack no sooner than 30 minutes after breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch, or 30 minutes after lunch. We have six exemption days for this rule. The dates selected are as follows:

Halloween, October 29

Holiday party, December 15

100th day of school, February 4

Valentine’s Day, February 14

STEM Day March 11

End of school celebration May 26

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