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The first full week in May is traditionally Teacher Appreciation Week across the Nation.  This year it falls on Monday May 4th through Friday May 8th.  We would like for every teacher to be recognized in a thoughtful way and in a way that allows the students to participate.  The PTO usually provides lunch two days and breakfast one day during this week.  We like to keep the gifts uniform for the teachers so they are getting similar items.  As the week nears we will send you an email to send to your parents to help coordinate the gifts.  Below is the list of gifts and days we have in mind, this may be subject to change, but we will let you know well in advance if there are changes. 


Please stress to your parents, participation in this is not mandatory, whatever their schedule and budget will allow.  These gifts are not meant to be large or expensive.  Since the school year ends so much earlier we decided that rolling the End of the Year gift for your teacher into the last gift of the week would be a good idea.  This way it takes the burden off the HRP’s as the school year comes to a close to come up with another gift so close to this week.


  1. Monday – “Thank you” cards from the kids (store bought or homemade)

  2. Tuesday - HRP will bring in a bundle of flowers and vase that is from the class

  3. Wednesday – Favorite Supplies (think of supplies all teachers need!)

  4. Thursday – Favorite Treat (coffee, other drink, sweet treat, etc.)

  5. Friday – End of the Year Gift from class


Possible List of Items Needed for Donation

Lg Vase for Flowers

School Supplies

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