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Yearbook Pictures

Homeroom parents will be assigned the duty of helping to take photos or appointing someone if unable to do so.  Please see below document on how to download photos for the yearbook.

To Upload Photos from a Smart Device:

  1. Download the Balfour ImageShare app (blue icon w/ white letters that say “is”)

  2. Create an account

  3. School project number: 027831

  4. Check your email for verification code and enter it in the app

  5. Create username and password

  6. School project number (should already be entered): 027831

  7. Upload code: none (leave this field blank)

  8. Touch “save”

  9. Upload pictures from your smart device (up to 5 at a time)- *In the “Who is in This Photo” section, please type the homeroom teacher’s last name*

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