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Register at this link:

Download the Konstella app and use the invite code:  3MWRAX  

Parent Guide to Getting Started ----> Download PDF


Serene Hills Elementary PTO Website - Konstella Page to Reference ------> 

Inviting Parents to Konstella:

As HRPs, we will be assigning you the Parent Lead role in Konstella for your classrooms.  Since we will be using Konstella for all PTO and HRP emails this year, please request the parent email list from your teacher and add your parents who aren't already registered in your class into the classroom as follows.

Click the Invite Link from the left hand menu.  Invite by Email into your classroom as a Parent.  Parents have the ability to create an account to manage preferences or to opt out but will receive emails even if they don't create a parent account.

Viewing Your Classroom:

You can check to see which parents are already registered by selecting your classroom from the left hand menu and then selecting More / Members. You can also manage members from this page using the Manage Members orange button in the top right hand side corner.

More Coming Soon, Stay Tuned

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