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Carnival on The Hill

Carnival is SHE’s largest fundraiser for the year.  It accounts for 90% of PTO’s budget for our school.  This year Carnival falls on Friday April 29th.  Starting in early Spring, our PTO will be sending informational letters to you to be sent out to all your classroom parents asking for donations for silent auction items, candy, prize wheel items, cakes, etc., as well their time to help volunteer at many fun Carnival Booths and Tables.


In lieu of the Carnival Class Baskets this year, classrooms will now “sponsor” the Carnival.  No minimum amount of money is required, however if your class donates $150 you will be listed as an official Carnival Sponsor on the Swag Bags.  As you collect more money the classrooms will be awarded different prizes.  There will be more information about the prizes and rewards as the Carnival gets closer.  


A letter generated by the PTO will be sent to you regarding the Classroom Sponsorship so you have the info to distribute to your parents when it is time.  The money for Carnival can be collected from parents at the beginning of the year with the other monetary donations you will be collecting or around Carnival time, however you think is easiest.  Please note to your parents these monetary donations are always VOLUNTARY. 


Possible List of Items Needed for Donation

Auction Items



Cakes / Cupcakes / Cookies

Carnival Links

Submit your Classroom Sponsorship now and don't worry about having to hold on to the funds until Carnival Time.  Please fill out the form via the link below and leave your Sponsorship donation in an envelope at the front office for Emilie Henry, SHE PTO.

Classroom Sponsorship Form Link

More Available starting March 2022

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