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Teacher Gifts / Donations

We realize that many classrooms have collected for and given group gifts to teachers in the past for occasions such as birthdays, holidays and end of year.  When collecting money, please kindly inform parents that they are welcome to send individual gifts for these occasions if they desire to do so, and that participation as a class is VOLUNTARY…If money is being sent to the school from parents to you please be sure all money is sent in a closed envelope marked “To the Attention of (Your name)…”. Please talk to your teacher on how you would like for her to get the envelopes to you.  Please just keep a reference of who sent money and how much.  Or consider setting up a specific Paypal account to manage the funds for the classroom. 


Venmo or paypal is a preferred method of SHE PTO.

Venmo offers a Credit Card that can be used on your account.


In years past it has been proven that asking for money for the year at the beginning of school is best.  As the year goes on it is harder to collect money when needed.  The following gift cost distribution chart can be used to assist in collecting donations.



                                            Teacher Birthday Gift                                                        $10

                                            Holiday Gift                                                                       $10   

                                            End of Year Gift                                                                 $10

                                            Teacher Appreciation                                                        $10

                                            Adopted Staff Member (s)                                                 $10

                                            Carnival Class Sponsorship Donation (Goal $250)           $10

                                            Total                                                                                    $60


For the Carnival donation, cash or check would be preferred. Please deliver it to the front office. PayPal is also accepted, please make payments to

Rough List of Items Needed for Donation Throughout the Year:


Door Decorating Supplies

Snacks and water for events/parties

General Party List items (next page)

Lg Vase for Teacher Appreciation Flowers

School Supplies for Teacher Appreciation

Auction items, Candy, and Prizes in April for Carnival

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